TSK Vision

Corporate Philosophy

Maximizing the happiness of society

through chemical industry in harmony with nature

Maximizing the happiness of society

through chemical industry

in harmony with nature


Messages from Executives

「숨은 공로자」Behind the Scenes

Euncheol Son

In April 2002, I entered the doctoral program in Materials and Energy Chemistry at the Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University to study organometallic catalytic reactions.

Three months before graduation, I met Prof. Nakamura and we continued to deepen our friendship after graduation.

I then worked for a Japanese chemical company and a major Korean panel manufacturer. There, I was able to experience both sides of the materials manufacturing process. I was also able to experience firsthand the series of processes involved in making products, dealing with various departments, and the severity and difficulty of quality control. And in 2019, I launched NMR (New Material Revolution) K.K., a display-related consulting company in Japan to put my experience to use.

At that time, Prof. Nakamura consulted with me about making a social contribution that would have a large impact. I thought I could make use of my experience: "work experience ranging from raw materials to products," "international business experience mainly in Japan/Korea/Vietnam/USA," and "human networks in various countries built through business. Then, in July 2021, I established TSK Co.

We will build a network that maximizes the use of the world-class synthesis technology of the Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University. Our goal is to contribute to society through the realization of a sustainable society through the production of real products by companies, rather than contributing to society at the laboratory level. Although we do not appear on the stage like a "catalyst," we are committed to creating a "win-win" situation for all people involved with "catalysts" through our technology. We pledge to grow so that all people involved with "Catalyst" can become "win-win" through our technology.

We welcome any kind of consultation or suggestion, so please feel free to contact us at any time.

A Bright Future Opened Up by Chemistry

Masaharu Nakamura

I have been conducting research on the creation and application of organometallic reactive species with the aim of developing new organic synthetic reactions for the utilization of chemical resources.

By designing new organometallic reaction active species and reaction systems, we conduct research on the development of organic synthetic reactions that make effective use of chemical resources for the next generation. Most of the conventional synthetic reactions are closely related to the development of the chemical industry, which developed against a background of massive consumption of resources such as coal and petroleum. It is essential to discover new organic reactions and to develop new resources in the chemical industry based on such discoveries. Ultimately, we believe that a sustainable society will be realized through a "forest symbiotic carbon-circulating society and forest chemical industry," which is a symbiosis between nature and chemistry.

I have always wanted to contribute to the society by putting out into the world the results of my research that I have been doing since the 2000s, but I never had a good opportunity to do so. Through Kyoto University's incubation program, we confirmed the business potential of iron catalyst chemistry and decided to start our own business in July 2021.

Traditionally, "chemistry" and "environmental conservation" have been seen as opposites, and the image of chemistry in terms of sustainability has not been very positive. However, we are convinced that our technology is designed to achieve both. As a chemist, I have dared to include the names of iron (T, TETSU in Japanese), catalyst (S, SHOKUBAI), and chemistry (K, KAGAKU) in the company we are establishing in order to dispel the bad image of "chemistry".

We will continue our activities with the goal of realizing a sustainable society through chemistry.

Interview of Prof. Nakamura

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