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Organic synthesis with iron catalysts has been considered difficult. However, in 2004, Dr. Nakamura, an associate professor at the University of Tokyo (currently a professor at Kyoto University and CTO of TSK corporation), discovered that the desired reactivity could be achieved by using a proprietary iron catalyst that he had designed and synthesized. In 2017, he succeeded in building molecular structures that cannot be synthesized via conventional technologies with palladium catalysts, and developed reactions useful for synthesizing electronic materials and pharmaceuticals.

Platform technology: control of electrons and spin states essential for reactions with iron catalysts

Development history of organic synthesis with iron catalysts


Based on our proprietary reaction control technology, distinctive original compounds are provided to solve problems in diverse business fields. Establishing a sustainable society is a global issue, and industries depending on chemical materials such as electronic devices, agriculture, and medical care are not exceptional. Our products synthesized by iron catalysts offer benefits in terms of not only cost, performance but also environmental added value.