TSK corporation



Our Vision

We will contribute to realizing a sustainable chemical industry by making iron-catalyzed reactions industry-standard ones. Since iron is very common metal resource on the earth, there is no risk of shortage or environmental destruction.

Issues we want to solve

Rare metals are important resources that are indispensable to our daily lives, such as batteries, exhaust gas purifiers, magnets and chemical catalysts. However, reserves in the earth are limited, and there are issues such as resource depletion, geographic risks and environmental damage caused by mining.

Localized production
Limited reserves
Environmental pollution associated with refining


Organic chemical reactions such as Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling reaction enable us to produce various materials such as OLED materials and pharmaceutical/agricultural drugs. Especially, catalysts* consisting of rare metals are used to carry out these reactions efficiently. Therefore, we are targeting the replacement of the chemical processes depending on rare metals, which are limited resources.


With our proprietary technology, iron-catalyzed organic synthesis, we provide distinctive functional materials as our products. Our customers receive benefits from either replacement of conventional rare metal catalyst with limitation risks or new materials specifically obtained from iron-catalyzed reactions.


If you switch catalysts from rare metals to iron, you can obtain advantages not only in terms of environment but also products varieties and production economics.

Business model

We function as a material provider collaborating with OEM manufacturers as necessary. We will spread our compounds and their production methodologies to worldwide using our proprietary technology platform based on synthesis with iron catalysts.